The ECF Mission 

Our mission is to help children and families construct and sustain a healthy foundation for the future.  

We advance our mission through relationship building and trust.  ECF is a family helping other families.  ECF builds a relationship with each family member and then provides a comprehensive road map unique to each family's strengths and challenges. The road map engages the entire family and provides much needed supports in areas of mental health, education, social development and family values.  It's not about checking a box, it's about building a human connection built on compassion. 

The ECF Model

  • The Road Map
    Psychological Evaluation - more comprehensive than a traditional mental health assessment, a psychological evaluation is a method of testing the child and family about their behaviors, personalities and capabilities. Administered by a licensed clinical psychologist it establishes a diagnosis, where appropriate, and identifies specific strengths and challenges. The results provide each family with their own individualized road map for treatment. These road maps will also be used to identify additional supports for education advocacy, developing social skills, utilization of mentors and / or tutors, and what types of enrichment opportunities the child could benefit from.

  • Individual and Family Supports
    From the results of the family evaluation, ECF will help identify and/or provide therapeutic and community services to support the individual and family needs.  This includes a parenting specialist to work directly in the home with parents and kids.   In addition to in home supports, ECF will either provide or refer families to individual or family therapists as necessary.

  • Mentors
    Children, adolescents and even parents need positive supportive relationships to help overcome everyday challenges. Mentors help with social skills, identify and pursue hobbies and interests, and spend quality time building a trusting positive relationship.

  • Educational Advocates and Tutors
    For all children, education is one of the most critical components for a brighter future. As part of the psychological evaluation, ECF will provide an education road map unique to the child and assign an educational advocate to make sure teachers are aware of what additional tools and / or resources are necessary. In the event that a student requires extra help, ECF will provide the necessary tutors. 

  • Enrichment
    Helping families develop a stronger bond is critical to sustainable change. Identifying a child's interests and strengths, then providing opportunities to engage in sports, the arts, or music programs, community sports programs, camps, science and math based programs, all of which will help in the development of social skills and an increased level of esteem.



Marylyn B. Schwartz

Amy A. Rohan
Vice President

Ellen Miller

Susan Kelley
Children’s Policy Director, NAMI Connecticut, and Director of the Alliance for Children’s Mental Health (ACMH)

Jeffrey Morrill
Senior Director Business Development & Strategy, C-Space

Agata Raszczyk-Lawska, Esq. 
Managing Attorney of the Children-at-Risk (CAR) Unit, Connecticut Legal Services, Inc. (CLS)


Mike Doherty
Associate Vice President, AECOM

Tirzah F. Kemp
Program Manager of Community and Family Engagement, Clifford Beers Clinic

Nicholas Preddice
CEO, The Affinity Group, LLC


Leanne McEvoy
Executive Director

Rodolfo Jose Rosado, Ph.D.
Clinical Director

Diana Canas
Manager of Parenting Services

Susannah Emra
Program Coordinator

Christine A. Rowan
Educational Advocate