ECF Volunteer Application

Do you want to make a difference in a childs life?  Do you often ask yourself what can I do to help others?  There are so many kids and parents that could use extra support.  ECF is building a network of volunteers to help change lives. We're looking for child mentors, tutors and educational advocates.   

Child Mentor: This person will engage with the child, find out their interests, help develop their
strengths, talk to them about any challenges they choose to share, work with the Program
Coordinator to see if there are any area enrichment opportunities available, spend time with them
and be a positive influence. This person will need to set up times to talk with and/or meet with the
child after school hours and/or on weekends.

Tutor: So many kids need help.  Teachers and parents are over burdened.  Educational is ciritical to the foundation of all our children.  Tutors will help a child with school work.  This builds self esteem, confidence, and helps a child to realize their full potential.

Educational Advocate:This person will advocate at the school on behalf of the child. This person
will meet with tutors, teachers, paraprofessionals, principals and other administrative personnel as
needed, will be familiar with the child’s IEP (if applicable) and will attend meetings as needed.